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The Desert Gypsy // A Story Through The Lens of Chantel Marie

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1 years ago

There was truly no one better to capture the shoot of our wildest dreams than Chantel Marie Hardy of Chantel Marie Photography. Her outgoing personality was just the cherry on top of her creative and energetic photography.

The story she created for us was more than we could have ever wished for. Chantel captured not only our clothing collection and style, but our emotions and passion for wanderlust. There are so many stunning images, it's been hard to choose between them. We're grateful now more than ever that we have a place to share them all with you here on our blog!

We hope {although we know} you will become inspired through this amazing 'Desert Gypsy' collection, and the story that Chantel tells of the free spirited and golden bohemian girl. . . .

Flowing lace stands on it's own

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Find balance in your wardrobe in an unexpected way

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Bold patterns and delicate details

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Flirtatious silhouettes & mixed metal statement pieces

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Steal our style head to toe. See our previous blog post with Jessica Marie Makeup for a tutorial on all the hair and makeup in these breathtaking photos.

Chantel is located out of Salt Lake City and available to book anywhere and everywhere. Follow her on Instagram @chantelmarie and check out more of her work on her blog.

XOXO, böhme

Desert Gypsy // Hair & Makeup Tutorial with Jessica Marie

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1 years ago

Apr 22, 2015 10:25:06 AM

We had the honor to shoot with Chantel Marie Photography, who produced the most amazing images for our 'Festival Fever Collection'. But one of the greatest things about the shoot was the spot on hair and makeup, that was provided by beauty Jessica Craig, of Jessica Marie makeup.

We asked {okay we begged} her to walk us through the tips and tricks she did to achieve this stunning bohemian babe look. She graciously agreed and now we're sharing the secrets with you. . .

For the makeup we were going for a beautiful and fun look mixed with bohemian vibes and a slightly grunged style. So in my mind I envisioned a golden, carefree and flirtatious girl. I wanted her makeup to look perfectly imperfect.

To create that golden smokey eye I used the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Focus the darker colors not just on the inner crease, but along the entire crease of the eye - and as you get closer to the lash line go significantly lighter with the shadow. The only areas I really highlighted to give her eyes the appearance of being bigger, was the inner corner just right around the tear duct and the upper arch against the eyebrow. The key to this look is to keep the blacks used very minimal and smudged. I took a black eyeliner pencil and drew it along her upper lash line and then took an angle brush and feathered it out. Then I took that same angle brush with some left over eyeliner from the top and rubbed it into her bottom lashes.

For the face I airbrushed her foundation so it was smooth and even, then lightly contoured using the Anastasia contour palette. For this look I wanted the cheeks to have a naturally pink glow, but still stick with the golden theme. To achieve this I used my all time favorite blush, Nars 'Orgasm', It adds the most beautiful glow to your skin.

I completed the look by adding a neutral lip color. I didn't want to go with a strong lip because it would take away from the smokey golden eye. For this I used 'Angel' by Mac Cosmetics, but any nude lip color would work. I finished her face by slapping on some mascara and adding a touch of gloss.


To get that seductive bed head, yet beachy curled hair, I used a straightener. I didn't do them perfectly on purpose and let each curled piece be its own. Once I had curled the entire head I took a chunk from the top and did a tight fish tail braid about 3/4 of the way down. The trick to get that perfectly imperfect look is to pull the braid at the sides gently and loosen it up. I did the same braid on the bottom layer of hair on the opposite side to add some texture. Tease the top and voila, you're finished with our Desert Gypsy inspiration.

Apr 22, 2015 9:19:04 PM


Jessica is an amazing artist located out of Salt Lake City. Follow her on Instagram @jessicamariemakeup and book with her for your next event!

Welcome To The Jungle: Resort Collection 2015

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1 years ago

We're dreaming of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, with an icy drink in our hand. Our resort collection features bold prints and bright contrasted colors, bringing us ever closer to our dream vacation. Even if your vacation is to the pool this summer, embrace it in our tropical inspired pieces.

Apr 21, 2015 1:40:02 PM

Böhme Loves Bloke

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1 years ago

We had the opportunity to test out this fantabulous (we just made that word up, because 'amazing' just wasn't going to cut it) product and we're now going to buy every single item they have to offer.

Bloke Body coffee scrub is made of all natural ingredients and is cruelty free. We used it on our face to rid winter and get some moisture and freshness back in our skin after this dry, dry Utah winter. And we used it on our booty to help diminish that fun thing we have called cellulite, but we will spare you from those pictures ;)


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1 years ago

Bionicos (Mexican Fruit Parfait)

During our buying trips to LA, Fernanda and I love to indulge in these "guilt free" snacks. They are

ridiculously easy to make and go a long way in satisfying our sweet tooth. I have included a recipe

below, but you could just go with it and not worry about measurements and etc. This is a popular

Mexican desert and I typically serve it in trifle bowls, but clear disposable cups will also do the trick and

will ease your clean up duties after a dinner party or soirée. I used roasted coconut shreds but for a

better visual I think that regular shredded sweetened coconut offers a better contrast to the granola. Be

sure to drizzle plenty of condensed milk on top. Being from Brazil, we grew up using a lot of condensed

milk in all of our desserts. Come to think of it, I don't know why I just don't get an I.V. with the stuff!

Bionicos Mexican Fruit Parfait

Juicing Is The New Black

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2 years ago

Okay, we did it. We juiced. And we really liked it! Thanks to Just Organic Juice located out of Salt Lake City, who provided us with their delicious {yes, delicious!} one day cleanse.

Apr 8, 2015 12:32:56 AM

Let's face it, we all need to refresh after that Easter candy, specifically the Cadbury Eggs, and recharge from the inside out. We were hesitant to juice, we've never done it before and honestly, we eat a lot. While there are many great juicing business' out there, we couldn't stop hearing about one of the locals here in Utah, Just Organic Juice. They truly believe that "you are what you drink" and juicing isn't a trend for them to cash in on, it's about living a healthier lifestyle and giving your body the love and nourishment it deserves.

She's Got A Gypsy Soul: How To Wear The Bohemian Look

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2 years ago

Our favorite style, without a doubt, is bohemian. Style is all about who you want to be that morning when you wake up, and let's face it, most days we wake up wanting to feel beautiful and care-free; especially with warmer weather heading our way and music festivals to attend. The easy-breezy boho style is a must to conquer and wear with confidence.

Boho Style

DIY: At Home Day Spa

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2 years ago

Skin care products can be expensive and deciding which ones are right for you can be confusing. Many products contain ingredients that are hard to recognize and can be harsh and irritating to your skin. For these reasons,many of us are seeking natural, whole ingredients to care for our skin. We wanted to share a few of our favorite at home skin care recipes and a couple ideas of how to customize them to fit your needs. If you don't havethe exact ingredients we are using, no problem! Just get creative and use what you have!

The Chocolate Mask

Applying ingredients as a mask gives them time to penetrate the skin. It's a great way to lightly exfoliate and hydrate.

S’more Crème Brûlée: A CEO's dessert

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2 years ago

S’more Crème Brûlée

Most people are surprised to find that even though I’m in the fashion industry my biggest passion is actually food and entertaining. The scientist inside me comes alive every time I step into a restaurant and savor a dish. I immediately dissect its flavors and try to please and delight friends by replicating the experience and flavors; and I can say that I did right by this one. In one of my New York buying trips, my best friend took me to a little joint that served this stroke of genius. I had to assemble the recipe from several different sources for the different components and I think after a few tests I got the recipe right. The S’more Crème Brûlée is for those that refuse to believe that summer never goes away. I have served it for both winter holidays and summer fêtes and had friends and family clamoring for more. Oh, yes, it is as good as it looks!

Normcore: Minimal is the new normal

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2 years ago

There is a reason classic pieces and patterns are never out of style, and it is because they look good on everyone and anyone. But also they pull through when we just don’t feel like getting ready that day. And let’s be honest, that’s like half the week for us. This easy style will always keep you looking pulled together, chic, and no one would be the wiser that you got ready in 10 minutes (but don’t worry, we would never tell).

Normcore Look

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